AX3 Coil Winding Machine



The AX3 is a general purpose coil winding machine suitable for many types of products.


The spindle speed is set directly in the program. Acceleration and deceleration speed are also set in the program making it unnecessary to set a separate braking turns counter. The 400W variable speed induction motor with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control is standard.


A servo motor gives accurate wire guide traverse positioning with continuously monitored feedback. A maximum traverse speed of 80mm/s makes the AX3 machine suitable for most pitch winding applications. Traverse adjustment function allows the machine operator, without stopping the spindle rotation, to correct the wire guide traverse position during winding when it runs ahead or runs behind the wire position.


Programming is easily made through the on-line programming feature. The various capabilities include the possibility to vary pitch, vary winding width and vary speed during winding. Pitch step winding is also available.


Connection to a personal computer through the USB port is used to up load and down load programs for extra program storage and editing.


The GPIO input/output port allows you to sequence the operation of the winder with accessories such as heaters, skeiners and others.



Maximum Bobbin Outer Ø


Maximum Winding Width

100mm (setting by 0.01mm)

Winding Wire Range

0.018 ~ 2.0mm

Spindle Motor

Induction motor 400W

Spindle Speed

10,000/4,000/1,400rpm 3-step pulley (standard)


1400rpm synchro pulley (option)

Traverse Motor

DC Servo motor 35W

Maximum Traverse Speed


Traverse Pitch

0.001 ~ 9.999mm

Internal Memory

13,000 pages in 500 programs

Input Method

Sheet switch / PC software


4 line LCD with backlight

External Interface

USB for program transfer. 8 bit IO sequencer

Safety Cover

Up / Down opening

Power Supply

230VAC 50/60Hz single phase

Power Requirement



450 (W) x 300 (D) x 400 (H) mm



Tension Unit.
Wire Guide.

AX3 with options

PC software