The F1 is the latest winding machine and automation controller with advanced features but retaining familiarity for existing users by using the same program commands.


Processing speed and on-board program storage is increased. The new standard is a multi-program environment.


The main board has 10 axis servo control and a 64 bit input and 68 bit output system which can be further expanded up to 256/260 bits.


The F1 controller is linked by USB to a PC for programming, backup, and system setting.


A MS-Windows© interface is used to provide easy operation of program selection (also available during stand-alone machine operation) and program creation.


Cue cards can be used to select machine functions for program creation or the machine Jog Teach function will automatically create program lines as the machine is positioned.


A colour touch-screen is used for machine control and display of parameters as well as allowing the operator to select the required winding program.


The Run Mode shows basic information about the state of the machine during program execution such as program name and winding turns.


The Program Mode is for all program creation and editing. It is possible to type directly on the program line, use the Cue Cards to select functions to build or overwrite a program line, or by enabling the Jog-Trace function, use the Teach button on the touch-screen to automatically create program lines based on the previously made movements.


Program commands use the familiar 2 character and parameter format such as PX 10 to position the X-axis servo to the 10mm point or SL for spindle lock.


The F1 controller is installed in all new CNC machines and can be retro-fitted to some existing machines as a replacement for the G2 controller.


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