TNK holds the belief that a company's wealth

is measured by the quality of its workforce.


At TNK each member of the team is encouraged to perform

their duties to the highest degree of professionalism.

Tanaka Electric Manufacturing company was founded in Tokyo in 1933, producing aviation instruments and communications equipment.


The company became Tanaka Seiki Co.,Ltd. and produced their first coil winding machine in 1958 followed by the first office equipment production in 1960. There have been many more significant industry ‘firsts’ since then.


We manufacture our products with the belief that all the important technologies such as mechanical design, circuit design, software development, and equipment assembly should be done with our own Technical Department and our Worldwide Sales/Service Network.


This requires a lot of commitment, but TNK believes that accumulating know-how in such diverse fields as mechanical engineering and hardware and software development gives our Sales/Service Network the leading edge in state of the art technology. The result has been that TNK has made countless machine installations in the top-ranking companies throughout the world. When you next purchase a product, the chances are good that it contains a component produced with a TNK machine.


We believe the most important lesson in business is not to neglect investment in technology, quality, and perhaps most of all the people who manufacture our equipment.


As our customer, you need the "leading edge" and TNK delivers.

Coil winding machine #1
First NC winding machine
Multi-page programming controller
Since 1933